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How We See It............scotland

Dive Trust Logo

Dive Trust runs monthly dive events throughout Scotland - during school-term - these 'events' work as an introduction to diving...and are open to absolutely everyone with a desire to dive.

Whether you want to have a 'one-off' experience or progress through our courses....Dive Trust will ensure you receive safe, adaptive and patient instruction - tailored to meet all sorts of specific needs and apprehensions.

For those who complete all the pool & classroom sessions, there will be the opportunity to attend one of our overseas Scuba Camps in the summer.....to complete their underwater training.....in warmer waters with one of our partner centres.......in either Malta or the Canary Islands....

In the near future and further afield, (alas) for adults only..........Florida and Egypt.

Why Dive?

Here are just a few words that will help to answer this question:

relaxation | recuperation | rejuvenation | rehabilitation | recreational | respiratory | revelatory | revitalising | rewarding | relief | release |

Project Pink TankThe health benefits of scuba diving are numerous, varied and widespread.....

Take a look at Project Pink Tank......the goal of this project is to improve our understanding of diver health among breast cancer survivors.

Johns Hopkins Medicine: A small group of veterans with spinal cord injuries who underwent a four-day scuba- diving certification saw significant improvement in muscle movement, increased sensitivity to light touch and pinprick on the legs, and large reductions in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

We are currently in the process of approaching dive centres with the view to 'partnering-up'.

These partner centres will provide non-adapted equipment, transport and, if available, accommodation for our students and staff.....in return, new customers, repeat customers and promotion on the Dive Trust website.

There are numerous considerations to be made before any decision can be taken.......primarily, accessibility.....to bathrooms, changing rooms, dive sites.....if you would like to discuss the possibility of becoming a partner - then, please do get in touch.

We do have a small number of grants available....to help with the cost of accessibility modification.

Professional Training...

There are 3 major organisations for disabled diver training:

Handicapped Scuba Association   

  1. Handicapped Scuba Association (based in America),
  2. Disabled Divers International (based in Denmark),
  3. International Association for Handicapped Divers (based in The Netherlands)

 Dive Trust Logo

Dive Trust
will be the fourth (based in the United Kingdom).


 By no stretch of the imagination are we in competition with these fine organisations...

We just offer a little bit more...all-inclusive, accessible, adaptive diving.....for each and all.

Dive Trust aims to train young, unemployed people through internships that lead to full-time employment. Their training will incorporate all the factors required for disabled diving.....

One of our aims is to partner able-bodied students with disabled students....

As you may know, there are a ridiculous amount of diver training agencies out there - take a look - mind-blowing.....all offering their take on the same objective.....the same product......for the same result: PROFIT.....nothing wrong with that in itself - we've all got to eat - but, with such a dazzling array of courses, different titles for the same level of training - it's just confusing for the customer - isn't about time that the diving industry introduced standardisation?!?!?!

And, just to confuse matters further......there are all the governing bodies, councils and federations.............

Let us not get started on cross-over training........! If ever there was an arena for mudslinging - here it is, playground mentality.....my training is better than your training......

Dive Trust is a not-for-profit company....recognising all training agencies, affiliating to none......

The only thing that is important to us is safety (and standards and satisfaction...........and, simple enjoyment).


Training AgenciesPADIAt the moment, we offer PADI courses...

Simply because....all of our instructors are PADI-trained.

In the future, we hope to have instructors from:
as of yet, no-one from these agencies have applied.

The same applies to disability training - we use IAHD, HSA & DDI instructors...


To us, it doesn't matter who you trained with....
....just as long as you are impeccable at doing what you were trained to do.

The Future.........

Letting our imaginations run amok.......

Purpose built facilities...luxury dive boat...a global network of dive centres...the Maldives, Truk Lagoon.......


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