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Our Mission

To enable everyone the opportunity to dive...

Dive Trust aims to create, develop & maintain a resource where divers can immerse themselves into a dive-related world....

...where every penny, cent & dime raised will go to the training of people - regardless of ability, age or background - those who never thought it would be possible - for themselves - to dive........

Funding will come from various places....from Government Agencies (thank you), from philanthropists (thank you) and from the diving community itself....all in the form of donations.

Okay, we reviewed that decision recently and decided that guaranteed frontpage appearance and banner advertising would have to carry a minimum charge......it pays the bills and it is tax deductible!!!

Eventually (and hopefully), we will have a comprehensive directory of world-wide dive centres - there are so many - currently, we have about 2,400 in our database. If you are not included......then, email us your details and you will be ASA(humanly)P - all basic listings are FREE......BUT, with a donation, you can have your logo added and anything else that your heart desires.

The Dive Centre database will be linked to the Profile pages - present and past employees can link their profiles to places they have worked - creating an instant, verifiable CV.

Profiles can have galleries (for the underwater photographer), video streams and download links (for the underwater filmmaker) - in fact, profile pages can have whatever you want - all you need to do is ask and donate.......must mention one thing, donations are yearly........

The Marketplace - ads appear until they have been sold.......you can wax lyrically about your item as we don't have a word limit, you can add as many photographs as you want (5 should do it)........

We know of no website dedicated to the sale of dive-related businesses - that's where we come in - whether it be dive centre, boat, accommodation or bar - show them to the world...here, in one place. This section has a minimum charge and all ads appear until sold.

In time, we will include a employment page - where divers and (especially) non-divers can find work and internships........if you have a vacancy - let us know.


Our Initial Strategy....

The graph shows how far we have come in such a short time......and that's without any promotion whatsoever....we decided it would be interesting to actually build the website live on-line.......this way we have an immediate web presence and visitors to the site can see how we are developing - and to contribute.

Our objective is to get our rating up into the top 100,000 within the first year of operating.

However, our main task, at the moment, is to get the website fully operational.....adding content, getting all the links to work properly, making everything look lovely......then, and only then, will we start promoting....

That said, people have found us - their support and encouragement has been, quite simply, breath-taking.

Thank you.

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