Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation

The course familiarises participants with the current state of the world’s coral reefs and explains how individuals can help protect the living reef from further decline.


  • None - the course is open to everyone.
  • Pre study course manual and complete review sections before the start of the course

Skills Covered

  • An introduction to Project AWARE.
  • The importance of coral reefs to marine ecosystems and coastal areas.
  • Coral reef and reef inhabitant biology, association and competition.
  • The status of the world's coral reefs and detrimental land-based and ocean-based activities that put reefs in peril.
  • Suggestions and information about actions that may help to protect reefs, including responsible diving and snorkeling practices.

In Colder Waters...

As we conduct our courses in both warm and cold waters.....

Please be aware that in colder waters i.e. Scotland (and Britain as a whole), it is recommended to dive wearing a drysuit (with a thermal undersuit).

We can include the Drysuit Specialty with any other course at a discounted price.

How to Book Your Course

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  3. Return the form to us in person, by email or by post. Once we receive the completed booking form we will send confirmation and the materials so you can start to learn!

Should you have any problems downloading the forms above, or need help in filling in the forms, please contact us on 0141 552 4663

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